Highlights & Features

MyBizPos Point Of Sale(POS) features

Highlights & Features

Features & Module Pricing

See a list of MyBizPos E-Commerce features designed to empower your online success, save you more time and sell more online.

Branch Stock Level :


Getting the most up-to-date info about stock availability at each of the branch or store outlet has never been easier with MyBizPOS.

The headquater or the main operations office could easily monitor to ensure each outlet has sufficient stock to meet the demand.

Centralized Purchase Order :

Streamline the stock ordering process from HQ directly to suppliers. The stock will then be shipped directly to the respective outlets and updated into the system.

This eliminates the hassle that could be faced by the outlets. With the efficient ordering process, that could translate into speedy goods delivery.


Stock Adjustments :


MyBizPos allows authorized users to perform stock adjustment with ease. From time to time you may need to adjust item quantities for various reasons eg stock gets damaged, stolen, etc.

This feature comes in handy for you to amend the stock level when needed.

Outlets and Suppliers Register :

Systematically stored all outlets and suppliers database and allows fast retrieval and editing in future. A well organized suppliers and outlets list also means time-saving and increase efficiency.


Useful Reports :


Get access to important statistics and figures like Sales Reports, Top Customers, Best-selling Products, Most-views Products, and more that will really help in improving current business as well as future marketing plan. The reporting comes with charts for better illustration. Reports are no doubt an important business tools that help management to make right decision for the company.

Product Organization:

Systematic product management arranged by Product Category, Sub-Category, Brand, Size and Color for easy retrieval and maintenance.

A good product organization is extremely important to the system users as it helps to cut down unnecessary wasted time and thus improve productivity.


Promotion Features :


Having a variation of promotion strategies is the key to business success. Smart consumers are always on the lookout for better deals that give more value for their money.

When combined with the right marketing strategies, businesses can expect more sales to be generated if they take advantage of MyBizPos Promotions in-built feature.

Admin can choose to enable promotion mode of their choice which includes minimum purchase condition, special pricing for bulk purchase, and promotion pricing.

System Access Level :

Different level of access are made available for the businesses namely Admin, Manager, and Cashier.

These are the access levels for staff who has been authorized by the management to use the system.

Each level of access module can be pre-set to ensure the assigned staff can only view certain module(s) that has been authorized by the management.


3-Tier Pricing :


customers are categorized as Dealers, Special Member and Normal Member and each type of customers get to enjoy different pricing pre-set by the admin.

Upon login to the system, the pre-set user level will be identified and the pricing for that particular level will be displayed.

As a business owner, you have the flexibility to determine the price by taking into consideration your profit margin on each level.

Bulk Email and SMS Integration :

Sending announcement and follow-ups for future promotion made easy with bulk email and SMS tool.

These powerful marketing tool allows you to stay in touch with your customers to enhance customer relationship building as well as to ensure your customers get all future updates and announcement.

Maintaining a good relationship with your customers will definitely help to generate repeat sales and boost your business.


Discount Vouchers :


This is a great and indispensable tool to help businesses generate more sales.

It is widely used during festive seasons as well as in all year round promotional campaign.

Easily generate discount voucher on demand and the user-friendly backend system allows you to keep track on the number of voucher that has been redeemed by customers so that you be able to gauge the conversion and feedback received from each of your discount campaign.

Tax/GST and Admin Charge :

This Settings is optional but can be enabled as when required by the admin with a simple mouse-click.

Absolutely no other complicated settings needed to incorporate tax/GST to your bill as part of your company policy and/or to stay compliance government GST implementation.


Eco-Friendly Green Products + PDF Brochure Creator :


Creating a neat and tidy PDF brochure on the fly is easier with the in-built PDF conversion function. There is absolutely no other 3rd party tool or software is required to do the job. It can be easily done within MyBizPos Admin Panel which really helps businesses to cut down unnecessary wasted time and thus increase job productivity.

As part of the ecosystem ourselves, we deeply support the global campaign towards a more greener and healthier lifestyle by producing eco-friendly software products. It is important to preserve the mother earth for today’s and future generations.

MyBizPos is one of our proud inventions that helps towards this initiative by reducing the use of paper and printing. The generated documents produced by MyBizPos amongst others includes PDF flyer, PDF Sales Order, as well as seamless Import/Export process from MS Excel software.